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Solid Metal Keychain
The keyfob itself is made of pewter, 2 inches wide by 1.5 inches high, and was apparently available through Mainframe's online store many years ago.

In my collection I have 9 ReBoot pencils (the loose one isn't pictured), an eraser, a ruler, a notebook, and a drawing pad. A pencil case and another notebook will be added soon.

Pencil Cases
A couple of pencil cases, made of vinyl. Not much else to say.

The Daemon Rising mat is all rubber including the surface which makes it a little difficult to use properly. The Megabyte mat has a surface which is too smooth to be used properly. But hey, they look cool and that's all that really matters.

Mini CDs
These mini-CDs were included on some of the season 3 figures, they contain er, stuff ;) hey I'll do a proper write-up when I know what's on them!

Small cups
Two identical cups from my collection, they're not large enough to hold a decent cup of tea, unless you'd rather something stronger like vodka in which case they'd be ideal.

Egg cups
Two identical cups that hold eggs, well what else was I supposed to write. They fit neatly inside the small cups when stored away.

Enzo & Frisket toothbrushes still sealed, they are more different designs, if anyone has a picture of them (or wants to sell them) please please get in contact.
The bottom 3 images are stickers that the dentists would give away.

Story Books
The first two books contain the first four episodes of season 1 with only the middle few pages containing stills from the episode. The other three books have stills from the episodes on each page with a small portion of storyline text, "Frisket Takes Command" and "Food for Frisket" are both based on the episode "In the Belly of the Beast" but contain different storyline text.

Signed Posters
In my collection I am proud to own three posters signed by the creators of ReBoot.
The first one is a large wall poster of the first two seasons, autographed by Ian Pearson Gavin Blair and Phil Mitchell, the 2nd and 3rd posters are A4 sized promotional type sheets of season 3 and season 4, signed by Gavin Blair and Phil Mitchell.

Two of the odder things in my collection, a large Enzo shaped bubblebath bottle and a Hack shaped bubblebath, each still has the original liquid in them, Enzo's arms can twist round. A Slash bottle was also created to compliment Hack.

A ReBoot themed lampshade, sorry the pictures haven't come out too well but I didn't want to remove the wrapping from it. The underneath has the same pictures as the outside, but not mirror imaged.

Promotional Drinks Coasters
A set of 6 promotional drinks coasters celebrating the release of the Sony Playstation game, unused, made of cardboard and somewhat rare.

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