ReBoot Baseball Caps | Sew-on Patch
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ReBoot Baseball Caps
Three ReBoot caps and a War Planets (Shadow Raiders) cap, the logos are sewn into the cap and not merely applied on afterwards.

Sew-on Patch
Approximately 3 inch by 2 inch.
Pin Badges
A set of 6 miniature metal pins; Dot with the top of her Diner, Hack & Slash, Megabyte's face, Bob, Enzo & Frisket.

Duvet & Pillowcase cover set
This duvet & pillowcase set is my own, still in it's packaging unused and will stay that way. The 4th image is the most interesting because it shows what appears to be a life-size mock-up of a Zipboard. The last 3 photos are of a 2nd duvet I have and show curtains in the background, I was going to bid on them when they appeared (just once) on eBay but some git bought them off-eBay :P

Yes, you too can become Bob! well that is if you're a very small child, they neglected the fact that adults might want to dress up as Bob (or any other ReBoot character)
The package consists of a jumpsuit, foam knee pads, foam belt and a mask that looks more like Michael Myers than Bob...

These are two of a set of four t-shirts, on the front is the ReBoot logo with a full picture of a character on the back, they are from season 3 as AndrAIa is pictured as the grown-up version.
If you have the Bob & Megabyte t-shirts to sell (no matter what size), please get in contact.

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