ARCT v1.0
Aspect Ratio Calculation Tool

by Ridwan Hughes

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Aspect ratio =
AviSynth border code:
PAL letterbox (4:3) =
PAL anamorphic (16:9) =
NTSC letterbox (4:3) =
NTSC anamorphic (16:9) =
PC (1:1) =  
HD (1080) (1:1) =
HD (720) (1:1) =
VCD (PAL) (4:3) =
VCD (NTSC) (4:3) =
SVCD (PAL) (4:3) =
SVCD (NTSC) (4:3) =
     This JavaScript utility is designed for me. I created it because I need to be able to calculate true aspect ratios of letterboxed PAL & NTSC video source and then convert those to letterbox or anamorphic, PAL or NTSC outputs for DVD creation.
The final output aspect ratio hasn't been compromised by blindly sticking to 4:3, 16:9 & 2.35:1 aspect ratio rescaling, because 2.35:1 letterboxed laserdiscs aren't always a perfect 2.35:1 ratio.

Aside from calculating anamorphic outputs of letterbox source, you can input 4:3 source and calculate anamorphic output with black side borders for if you're creating a fully anamorphic widescreen DVD and don't want to zoom+crop the source to fit.

I added VCD/SVCD for those insisting on living in the dark ages of video ;)
Please note: PAL & NTSC letterbox/anamorphic source is calculated using a 720 pixel width, I'm looking into adapting the javascript code further to be more flexible & maybe have a couple more video standards.